Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Bucklet list day two: N is for ...

I was originally going to do Nature but then I realised it was my sister Nicole's birthday. So we decided to have the day devoted to that.

It didn't turn out to plan as Nicole's plane was delayed  and she didn't return from her holiday as early as expected but we did go out for dinner and had fun playing at nanny and grandads.

We made a card,
played with the water,
played bowls ,
went on the quad bike,
had a kick of the ball,
played with mega blocks,
did a jig-saw puzzle,
read some books,

Dylan now knows the words to happy birthday and can sing them, he has been doing this since my birthday on July 13th, so Nicole was greeted with this when she finally got back home.

Happy Birthday Nicole!

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