Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bucket list Day One: W is for ... weather!

As the last few days has been the start and maybe the last of our 'nice' British summer weather I thought we should try and do something outside and as it was quite warm some water play would be refreshing and fun for Dylan.

So ...

It was my birthday last week and I had some flowers that are 'on their last legs' shall we say, so in preparation for a flower painting activity that I saw on
I trimmed the flowers down and sorted them ready to do some flower activities.

The link to weather is a bit weak but the fact that flowers need water and when it rains we get water was the best idea.

Flower sorting- we sorted some of the heads into the muffin tin. I put a couple in each and then asked Dylan where I should put the next one. He is a bit grumpy and under the weather today (pardon the pun) so He had his dummy and bear to start with and I had to do most of the work.

He soon got involved and told me what to do.

Flower construction site- Dylan is into Bob the Builder at the moment and wanted to use the construction vehicles to sort the flowers and squash them with the bulldozer.

Painting with flowers- with the rest of the flowers and his finger paints we started flower painting or stamping as it turned out to be.

 I asked him the colours as we were going along and we sang songs about the rain and colours of the rainbow. (Rain, rain go away and its raining its pouring)

We decided the final picture looks like a Rainbow raindrops

Petal counting- Dylan then sat on my lap and we pulled the petals off some of the other flowers counting as we pulled. Didn't do this for very long as he was getting restless and tired.

Water play - Finally got to use the water table again. Dylan enjoyed transfering the water from the table to the bucket and then to the paddling pool. He wasn't very impressed with the froggy rain coat.

Had a rainbow lollipop in the tent. He definately liked this activity and enjoyed pointing out the colours and we talked about the colours missing from the rainbow.

Rainbow finger paints- Dylan enjoyed taking the foam stamps off, identifying the shapes and then sticking them on himself, on his painting and then back on the pots. This was an activity guided by Dylan.

Made a fan- After the postman came a delivered some junk mail I showed Dylan how to make a fan and played a fanning game. We talked about making wind, being hot and cooling down.
 He decided to fan Fireman sam and crew to cool them down.

Doodle pad shape weather pictures- Easy activity was to get out the doodle sketch pad and use it to draw weather pictures.

Sunshine- a large circle and smaller triangles around the side.

Rain clouds using the circle stamp and the pen.

 Umberellas using the triangular stamp and the pen.

 We had a lovely weather day, with the weather to match.

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