Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Sensory bath

When my son and I were looking for Easter craft items at Sima warehouse we came across window stickers. I have bout these window gel stickers before for Halloween and never used them. But I bought them and though that they might work on tiles in the bathroom and they did.

We also had plastic Easter eggs to fill with water (they had holes in) and a Tomy egg set which teaches about colours and shapes.

So here Dylan is telling Zac what the gel stickers are showing and making up a story but he mainly described what was there and how many there were.

Dylan lined up the Tomy eggs and identified shapes and colours then matched them in the egg carton.
Zac mainly ate bubbles
And splashed.

They were really excited about going in the bath especially without water . I need to do more bath activities minus the water.

Dylan moved all the pieces to make new objects mainly monsters I think.

Zac played with the eggs.
Here is the monster on the right.

Here is my clown. Dylan wasn't as impressed as I was.

I didn't keep the plastic they came on but placed them in a bag. I think the colours run so I'm not sure if will keep this way. NOTE KEEP PACKAGING FOR GEL WINDOW STICKERS.

I am pleased with my first themed bath
Sarah, Dylan( 3.5) and Zac (8months)

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