Saturday, April 26, 2014

St George's day fun

Happy St George's day!

We started off watching mike the knight and a programme on cbebbies about st George .
I then googled where to go to celebrate. Unfortunately the parade was two days ago but a local museum was hosting some themed activities. These included a fact find, dragon hunt, craft, magic show and balloon making. The museum also has two parks and two duck ponds plus lovely scenery and picnic areas.
So off we went. First was the magic show followed by the balloon selection( a sword was a good choice). We walked around the museum and my son slayed all the dragons and we counted 19. We read the information about st George and answered the quiz which we entered into a prize draw. The craft workshop was next to decorate a knights mask and sword. We later at nanny's made a shield to match. Then we had a play in the park, a visit to the duck pond and a quick picnic as it started to get cold and rain.
A lovely morning and my son got to make some craft items too. There are some activities at Weoley castle 26th where ther are some castle ruins we might visit. I think we will definitely go to the parade in birmingham city centre next year and maybe Warwick castle.

So here are the pics 

The magic show with a dragon puppet called Percy.

Oh yeah Dylan asked for bananas first time round.

Slaying his first dragon.

Talking to Percy the dragon

Decorating his sword and mask

Now he asked for a sword.

To slay his brother the dragon

Aunty Coley helped make the shield out of cardboard.

Playing with Sellotape to attach a handle.

The full set.

I thought it was a great morning and many ideas can be done at home.

Craft sword
Craft mask
Craft shield
Dragon picture hunt 
St George fact finding
Puppet show
Role play
Balloon swords

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