Monday, April 28, 2014

Q is for Questioning: Does an egg crack every time you drop it?

II had already researched and planned to do a simple science experiment when my son saw the out off date eggs on the side and asked if he could crack the egg. So I said I posed a question ( which we are doing for the A-Z science series )

Does an egg crack every time you drop it?

So we decided on the four surfaces to drop the four eggs on . The pavement,grass, mud and the trampoline . We reused an egg to roll down the slide as an extra activity.

I got Dylan to predict whether the egg would crack or. It for each surface. He predicted right for each . 

You may of noticed I put a bag down just incase to help clear the mess up easily .

So we concluded that no the egg doesn't always crack when you drop it. Dylan described the surface that cracked the egg as a hard surface and that the egg bounced a little on the grass. 

I am going to do the egg in vinegar demonstration which I have never done where the egg is meant to be fairly bouncy . We will see.

Sarah and Dylan (3.5)

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