Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A-Z Science: O for Observation: Daffodil nature walk

This post is part of the A-Z series that we follow from Inspiration Laboritories
O is for Obsrvation.

We went for a walk to the shops and then the park and on the way I showed Dylan my three year old what a daffodil was and he wanted to pick one. I don't usually but I thought to build on his excitement and curiosity we will. 

Sowhen we got back we put them in a vase and  observed how it changed over the next couple of days until it opened. 
I told him we need to put them in water and we need to make sure they have sunlight. 
I asked him to predict was was going to happen. He said its hoinv to open up into a yellow flower.

I might get him to draw a before and after picture but he is still a little reluctant to draw objects and just likes to doodle.

After a few days we noticed they had opened and we observed them and he did draw a beautifu Picture .

He also made 3D daffodil cards for his two nannies for Mother's Day.

To find out how we did this visit

Sarah and Dylan (3.5)

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