Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TMNT Shadow puppets

Today was baby sensory club and I try and develop the experience with my three year old. 

The themed today was light, we had a light box and transparent blocks, containers and lids. We also had torches which is what we used for the shadow puppet show.

So my son loves TMNT and I thought this would be a good theme for his puppets .

1. Draw around object
2. Paint (so can be used as general puppets)
3. Let it dry 
4. Cut them out 
5. Attach a stick
6. Dim the lights, find a good wall and position the torch to get good shadow puppets. 
(Close enough and if it's in line with the puppets the shape will be very similar to the design. Too high or low will change the shape.)

Learning ideas
Talk about transparent and opaque objects and how the puppets are opaque so the create shadows. 
Role play- heroism
If more children a puppet show could encourage team work.
Teach them about puppet shows.

Dylan loved this and I have kept them for a rainy day .

Dylan 3.4

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