Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patricks day gold coin garden activities

The treasure was hidden in the garden and each gold coin found he had to bring back to the pot and tick off on the chart.

Then he counted all the gold.
After the treasure hunt we used rackets to play running games and tossing games.

Then he had to toss the coin into the pot. This is actually quite hard.

Dylan then wanted to push them down the slide so I put the pot there to see if any land in there .

Most didn't. 
We carried out a mini science investigation to see how the size of the slide affects the movement and accuracy of the coin going in.
Dylan noticed the bigger the slide the faster it travelled and more likely to bounce off the pot than go in.
You could calculate the speed by working out distance over time for older children.
Great fun

Sarah and Dylan 3.5

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