Wednesday, October 23, 2013

35 Street sign post ideas

1. Finger letter tracing
To trace the letters on the sign with your fingers.  My son came up with this, you could then reproduce the sign at home on paper.

2. Wash
You could take a bucket of water an sponge and clean the signs which teaches them about helping keep their community clean.

3. Water brush trace
A similar activity to number one but with a paintbrush and a pit/bucket of water.  Again good for learning the alphabet and could be continued st home with writing materials.

4. Copy Writing
You could take a writing pad and write the road names of all your local roads.

5. Postcard image
A sketch pad would be just as good to draw the sign post and the surround area like a postcard.

6. Water pistol target practise
You could take a water pistol out and ask them to locate letters and shoot them.  My son loved this, first time he shot letters as I said to based on the sign. The second time we searched for letters on alphabetical order which meant we had to revisit some signs.
7. Match 
To have cards/photos of the sign in a basket for them to search through when you get to a sign and match it. 

8. Body shape letters 
To use your body to recreate the letters seen on the sign. Obviously some easier than others. You could then take photos and collard them to make a body shape road sign.

9. Number of letters tally
You could produce a tally chart to record how many letter A's you have seen. You could have valves versus consonants or letters of their name.

10. Hidden words
This is for older children, you could look for words in sequence hidden in the sign. Such as Haden hill road you can pick out Had, den hi, ill.
11. Measuring signs
You can measure the signs with tape to order the biggest - smallest.

12. Water balloon target practise.
To throw water balloons at certain letters. Remember to pick up the litter.
13. Map
To follow a map or produce a map of your local signs.

14. Sequence in alphabetical order 
After visiting the signs and record them you must put them in alphabetical order and revisit them in sequence.

15. Photograph

You photograph them to use for lots of the other activities.  

16. Playdoh 
You could take a board and playdoh out to make a model of the sign. A photograph of the sign can also be used as a playdoh template. 
17. Verbal journey recording
A to route throttle tge neighbourhood can be decided and they can follow the route and verbally record the journey . This can be used to write a set of direction to follow next time.

18. Follow verbal directions
The directions can be from a previous journey . They are told the directions to follow either by you ir a voice recording they/you made previously.

19. Magnetic spell board
You can take a magnetic whiteboard and the magnetic letters and copy the sign. Photos can also be taken to use again.

20. Prize hunt
Small prizes can be hidden behind the signs for them to collect on the journey.

21. Hidden message
A set of clues and a letter can be hidden  at the sign to spell out a hidden message. So the letter can be the 'first letter' and a glue might be " the next sign is by a post box".

22, Name extraction
To help recognise and spell their name them could search for a sign that they can spell their name in if this isn't possible maybe search for the one with the most letters of their name or mom and sad or other family members.

23. Spelling soup
To use the letters of the sign as the letters in a spelling soup. The idea is to make as many words as they can. A magnetic white board with letters might be handy for this.

24. Sign to image converting 
To come up with an image that represents a sign . So meadow drive I would draw a meadow. 

25. Journey stick
To create a stick that represents the signs on your journey. So for example if you have been to green drive take something green and put it on your journey stick. It can be items that you find at the sign to help them remember the journey or items that represent the name of the sign. The stick vmcan be used to retell the events of the journey or write a story.

26. Musical sign
I'm sure all the neighbours would love you to use the signs to make music.

27. Footsteps
To count footsteps in between signs.

28. Pipe cleaner sign
To take pipe cleaners out to make a copy of the sign.

29. Stringy sign
Using the same principle make a string version off a sign. 

30. Chalkboard
To take a chalkboard and copy write the sign. A pavement option can be used if you clean up after.

31. Nature writing
You could use twigs, leaves and other bits of nature to copy write the sign.

32. Eat a sign
Use the sign post for the inspiration of snacks made with fruit, veg, biscuits or chocolate spread writing on toast.

33. Candy sign post
To make a candy sign post either out in the neighbourhood or back home .

34. Toy sign post
Use toys to write the sign post name

35. Toy adventure 
To use their favourite toys to explore sign posts . My son used his avengers to climb up the signs and talk to each other about the street name.  The toys can be combined with the use or development of a map.

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