Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thomas Tank Engine Lego number train.

My son has a collection of Thomas the tank Lego that you can take apart.  He likes playing switch up with the different trains.  We decided to use the number Lego blocks and make the train version that he has requested from an advert on the telly.

We took all the train pieces off so we were left with the base of the train and then sequenced the numbers and found the matching object version . We placed them on the train. A slight problem in that the blocks over hang the base but to overcome this you need to hook the trains together before you ad the blocks.

We put Thomas' face at the front and the coal block at the back.
He had to take it slow pulling it along but he enjoyed it. He even got the spare Thomas train to attach to the number train.

Then I asked him to point out the numbers and count the objects.
He pulled the train near the fridge where the number magnets that he loves are. I suggested that he matches the numbers up and placed them on top of the right block. He rushed to get them on soon completed the task with delight. Not in sequence but who cares?

He then checked to see if he was right and moved them to stand up in front of the block.

We only had one one so the zero was by the ten and we moved the one when we got to the ten when counted.  The other number one was placed in a hole at the back of my washing machine ?????

This was an off the cuff activity inspired by a tv advert and Dylan's desire for a number train.
He definitely loves his numbers! Bless him my budding mathematician. 
Dylan 2.11

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