Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby sensory club- B is for Balls the plan

I remember my three year old loved balls and still does so having balls as a focus seems worth while.

What can we do ?

Sight: see balls of different sizes and colours.

Hearing: use of musical instrument and singing. Songs played about balls . (Made a list on YouTube)

Taste: maybe ball shaped food. I thought make melon balls.

Touch: feel the different textured balls


Art/craft: hand/footprint animals,  foam animal sticking.

Messy play: play with paint after printing

Role play: dress up as animals

Explore & discover: animal sounds, animal patterns/ colours and shapes

Physical activity: action sounds about animals, playing instruments

Book club: Bear snores on :-will fit in as Karma Wilson is the virtual book club featured author for November.
Bring a favourite animal book to share and read.

Follow up ideas- teddy journal, visit a farm, sign animal songs and do animal noises from session.  Do other animal hand/footprint. 
Feel different balls
Play in ball pit

Bring fav ball
Bouncy ball painting or marble painting
Football dress up
Explore and discover action of balls
Ball games
Playdoh balls
Ball game diary
Pom Pom ball letter art
Sound- bouncing balls, marbles
Outside ; Balls down slide or bounce with balls

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