Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween science

Here are some Halloween science ideas that we are going to consider doing this month.

1. Sink snd float experiment witches couldron
I thought you could do this with candy or bits of nature collected or even general household items.
Easy experiment does the item float of sink ??

2. Twig/nature skeleton
I have seen a brilliant nature skeleton and really want to try and do it this year if we get chance.

3. Magnetism ghost
To do this you simply attach string to a paper clip and the opposite end Sellotape to a surface. You then attach the paper lip to a paper ghost. Using a magnet you can make it look like the ghost is floating.

4. Make slime
There are many different ways to make slime. When I do it I will update this post which I liked best.

5. Balloon rocket ghost or witch on a broom stick
A balloon rocket is basically a balloon attached to a straw which is threaded on a wire (fishing wire works best). Decorate the balloon to look like whatever and blow it up the let it go and it should move along the string.

6. Density potions
Mix liquids with different densities such oil, treacle , water and syrup they seperate when mixed and it looks good.

7. Make various luminaries to explore light
Using tin cans pierce them to allow light to shine out of them. 

8. Pumpkin float or sink
To investigate if different parts of the pumpkin float or sink.  Also various size pumpkins.

9. Chromatography
Draw a Halloween picture on filter paper and add a drop of water and watch the colours seperate.
We will probably try a pumpkin first.

10. Mixing potions 
Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar is always good fun.

11. Ice play melting
I have bought some Halloween ice cube trays and made milk ghosts and orange pop pumpkins. Not sure what they will come out like.

12. Static electricity ghost
To make a ghost out of tissue paper or grease proof paper may work. Rub it with a plastic ruler and it should stand up with the ruler.

13. Shadow puppets 
Halloween themed puppet show. I got a template and ued them to make the puppets. 

14. Rolling pumpkins
You could talk about kinetic movement energy and investigate the mass and how fast they roll down a ramp.

15. Creepy crawlies magnifying glass 
To have an insect hunt to try classify the bugs.

16. Inflating ghost / pumpkin
This is done by releasing carbon dioxide tk inflate a balloon attached to a bottle 
You can do this with baking soda and vinegar or yeast and warm sugar water.

17. Egg smoke bombs 
To explore diffusion as the egg shells filled with talc and smashed the talc diffuses and spreads out .

19. Fizzing pumpkins
We tried this with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar as well as effervescent vitamin C tablets and warm water.

20. Ghost rockets
Decorate a bottle as a ghost and add a mento style mint to fizzy pop like lemonade or come . Turn it upside down and the reaction will force the bottle up.

21. Halloween light table 
To place led lights in a box and have a variety of Halloween objects to explore.

22. Bouncy goblin eggs

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