Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween sensory tub


I have seen many different sensory tubs or bins and never really been sure whether I could make one just as good or that my son would be interested. I love Halloween season so I thought why not give it a try.

The look on his face and the amusement he got was mad! 

What was in our tub?

Red split lentils
Black beans
Halloween chocolate balls
Pumpkin scoopers
Baby milk scoops
Toy spider, wolf, pumpkin scarecrow from bob the builder
Orange net bag 
Glow torch
Glow stick
Toy pumpkin
Mini pumpkin
Black lace

I know random but I tried to cover all senses and improvised with what I had in.
First time using one but we still played as well as practising making letters, numbers and shapes. We talked about textures, colours and size. Burying the glow torch or spider was amusing.

I have kept it to play with tomorrow. I will certainly try it again.

Dylan 2.11

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