Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beaded pumpkin

As part of our non-carve pumpkin fun we decided to use beads. For this we used the small pumpkin.
I placed double sided sticky tape on the pumpkin and left Dylan to stick the beads on.
This was a totally fun activity although it can be used for colour and numeracy learning at a late date.
can ask him to count the beads , add and subtract.
I could ask him to match the colour sequence with beads on a piece of paper or simply using crayons/felts.
I could also use it as a threading activity but these beads are too small for Dylan's tiny hands.
I could ask him to rearrange the beads in a certain sequence ie the rainbow.

Again another quick and easy activity but supervision is required as the beads are a chocking hazard.

Dylan 2.11

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