Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby sensory club: A is for animals (THE PLAN)

My friends and I have decided to make our own baby sensory club. 
We have decided to go with an Alphabet theme where we take a letter and explore something that begins with that letter. 
So for instance we are doing A is for animals .

Planning ahead

What you need you to bring (if you can)
A favourite stuffed animal teddy 
A animal storybook 
An animal themed outfit
An animal figure
Animal fabrics
Animal dress up items
An apron
A bumbo chair / mat 

Resources you will use
Stuffed animal teddies
Animal figure toys
Animal flashcards/pictures
Animal sounds
Musical instruments
Ideas of animal sounds plus lyrics if unknown
Animal print/style fabrics
Animal themed dress up items
Foam animals
Animal cutters
Animal biscuits
A place to visit real animal (if possible)

Sensory checklist  

Sight: see toy animals , animated animals and real animals on screen and possibly in real life.
See patterns and variety of colours of fabrics.

Hearing: use of musical instrument and singing. Songs played about animals. Listen to animal noises.

Taste: babies old enough could try animal biscuits or a selection of foods from animals. Could make edible paint. 

Touch: feel the cuddly teddies, fabrics, real animals as well as toy animals. Touch paint and print onto paper.  Make playdoh animal shapes.

Smell: can add scent to the paint and make edible paint. Smell animals in their habitat. Scented playdoh.

Art/craft: hand/footprint animals,  foam animal sticking.

Messy play: play with paint after printing

Role play: dress up as animals

Explore & discover: animal sounds, animal patterns/ colours and shapes

Physical activity: action sounds about animals, playing instruments

Book club: Bear snores on :-will fit in as Karma Wilson is the virtual book club featured author for November.
Bring a favourite animal book to share and read.

Follow up ideas- teddy journal, visit a farm, sign animal songs and do animal noises from session.  Do other animal hand/footprint. 

I will scan my sons hand print animal to get a digital image to keep.

I am looking forward to seeing what actually happens and will feedback the best activities and share artwork and favourite shots. 


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