Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Sensory F is for Feathers

This was one of my favourite sessions, kind of a bit of baby torture by tickling them when they can't escape. All in the name of fun of course. 

I must say well done for Louise bringing her sensory bottle and feathers.  I'm not sure what I preferred the feathers sensory tub or the bottle or the bag. The tub also owed them to touch but as abies put them in their mouth the zip up bag and bottle were just as useful. 

The sticks with feathers were meant for painting but I then decided to draw a face on and pretend they were red Indians . I played the YouTube clip of ten little Indians and we sang along while holding the puppets. We then used them as tickling tools and let the babies hold them.
Finally we used them for painting, really easy to do with abates I must say! They produced some fab works of art. Well done . Dylan my three year old also loved this session tickling the babies, throwing feathers, tipping the tub of feathers over their heads and even the painting. 

A great material for sensory sessions!
Thanks again ladies. Hope you enjoyed it too!


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