Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Olympics small world play

We made a small word play area to educate my 3 year old about the Winter Olympics.

To encourage him to play we used his super Herod and the TMNT plus dome bath toys.

We had made slopes using trays, baby bath and a cardboard ramp .

The ice skates we used match sticks. I tried using blue tack but double sided sticky foam pads worked better.

We small lollipop sticks as skis with cotton buds as sticks.

The snowboards we used larger lollipop sticks .

To make the hockey sticks we used two lollipop sticks and cut a small one and attached it to one end.
We used a yoghurt pot as the goal snd a button as the puck. 

The bobsleigh was made out of kitchen roll. I cut a section out of the middle of one side.

Dylan played with this for quite a while a learnt about the sports in the Winter Olympics . I told him where they are being held and we discussed competition and had some races. We talked about different countries winning medals.

For medals we had gold chocolate coins left over from xmas and real money thematic was silver and bronze. We talked about what place each medal represented .

This was great fun and it also encouraged him to watch the Olympics on the telly and comment on the actions of the athletes.

Dylan 3.3

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