Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby Sensory : K is for Krispies

In this Baby sensory session we looked at K is for Krispies.

So we had a paddling pool with Krispies in along with cups and spoons.

We also had diggers on stand by.

The night before I added food colouring to Krispies in a good bag to get different colours.

The blue needed more really but I ran out.

We had musical instruments- pots with Krispies in to shake.

We painted with Krispies in a zip food bag. By putting paint and Krispies inside and mixing the on a piece of card inside.

I was really pleased with the outcome .

Babies plus siblings playing in the pool.

Zac tasted the melted chocolate coated Krispies .

He loved them of course. 

Dylan making Krispie cakes 

Zip bag Krispies painting

Coloured Krispie mixing 
We talked about the colours. Some had scents do we smelt them.

They enjoyed mixing the colours up.

I struggled with K and this was a brilliant day suitable for older ones too (at the same time)
Definitely recommended!

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