Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Sensory : K is for Krispies: The plan

Planning ahead

What we will need
Rice Krispies
Cooking chocolate
Cake sprinkles
Mixing bowls / spoons
Cupcake cases
Baking tray
Cups and scoops
Sensory bottle/ bag and tub
Sensory checklist  

Sight: see Rice Krispies move in the bowl, them mixed in chocolate and decorated. 

Hearing: here the sound if the rice Krispies in sensory containers being shook and squashed. Could also here the snap, crackle and pop when we had milk.

Taste:  eating Rice Krispies with/without milk and with chocolate on.

Touch: feel the texture of Rice Krispies :- dry, in milk and coated in cooking chocolate 

Smell: the smell of Rice Krispies, chocolate and cake toppings.

Art/craft: sticking Rice Krispies picture

Messy play:  playing with Rice Krispies dry, in milk and coated in cooking chocolate 

Role play:  could make rice Krispie animal puppet snacks

Physical activity: shaking bottles, pouring Rice Krispies , mixing chocolate Rice Krispies 


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