Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby Sensory: H is for Hearts

I love that this theme lasted longer than the session.  Before the session I used ideas for the sensory tub to get my 3 year old practising his fine motor skills by threading Cheerios and beads onto pipe cleaners .  Then we got to eat the biscuits after the session and got the sensory tub out after the session . Plus we will also use the items in the tub to make valentines cards.

So the session started by simply getting the biscuits and icing augur plus sprinkles and letting them loose. The 6 month old just enjoyed eating a dairy free biscuit made by nanny.

Dylan my 3 year old loved decorating the biscuit . Of course he had to test the toppings first.

Decorating biscuits was all we really did in the session before babies were ready for food and naps.

When we got the tub out later when the babies went Zac was still tired and teething so I left his dummy in so he would put everything in his mouth.  He seemed to be interested but wants to eat everything. We will try again with the tub.

I'm disappointed we never got the heart stamping with the kitchen rolls but we might do it at the start of next session. 

Dylan was a great helper again and loved the activity too.
Thanks mom for making the biscuits.

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