Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Sensory:D is for Ducks

This was a great session as the kids were up for it and the preparation and swift changing meant we managed to do the sensory stuff at the right time before feeding and naps.

We started with the ducks and the books. Showing them the ducks and letting the hold them and cuddle the teddies. Donald Duck was a favourite of my sons. 

Then we set up the paddling pool with warm water and put everyone's rubber duckies in the pool. Most babies water and we eager to touch them. The one year old was adamant he was going in so we striped him down  and in he went. He loved it. If it had of been warmer we would of let the little one in but it was a pretty cold day. We sang and did actions to five little ducks and old McDonald had a farm.

Then we grabbed the duck packs I prepared with the cut out duck and dipped the babies feet in paint and pressed it on the duck ( toes facing the rear). Feet are easier for babies. My 3 year old paint ped his own hand and did the same. ( not until later !)

Then we had a break and feed and changed them before walking to the local country park to see the ducks. The babies napped on the way but when we got there the farm was closed as it was water logged. Never mind we saw some horses and my three year old played and some babies had some lunch before he headed back.

So definitely will be going to a duck pond again as he didn't see real ducks :(.

But good session well managed with fhree babies a toddler and a preschooler .
Thanks ladies 


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